Uniquely technical and creative marketing and PR: a global service trusted by leading electronics brands

Originality B2B is a team of talented individuals and technical, boutique agency partners. If you’re a B2B electronics marketer, our goal is to augment your efforts to make them measurably more effective. 

Our specialization is helping you attract interest and action from professional electronics engineers and similar technical audiences around the world. About 70% of our clients are US-based and the others are mostly in Europe.

Marketing research, strategy, planning, content development and amplification, creative digital marketing campaigns, and PR are elements of a tightly integrated service that builds brands and generates demand. 

Our team’s technical marketing skills are built on electronic engineering foundations, complemented by professional credentials in marketing.  As a result, OriginalityB2B understands engineers, their day-to-day challenges, and how to communicate with them in the most cost-effective ways. 

Do you want to benefit from a specialist service that will deliver exceptional results while saving you time, money, and resources? If so, please get in touch.

Bob Jones, CEO

Some of over 120 electronics brands we've worked with, many for a decade or more

Voices of experience

Emilia Clarke
Brian Fuller
Editor-in-Chief, Arm
"I’ve known Bob for more years than I’ll care to admit! He has been an integral part of the semiconductor and EDA industries in creating and nurturing company-media conversations around technology trends and design challenges. As the digital age dawned, Bob was among the first to identify the importance of a new way of telling digital stories to better engage with key engineering audiences. In other words, Bob was pioneering content marketing before it became a catch-phrase. Throughout the growth of his businesses and his career, he has remained the true gentleman, nurturing his younger employees and building lasting relationships with the media. Bob is always available to serve as a sounding board on ideas and has never pitched a client story he didn’t believe was sound and worthy of an editor’s time."
Emilia Clarke
Kevin Hess
Senior VP of Marketing, Mouser
"Bob and his team started working with us several years ago. The partnership grew year-on-year as he proved the value that a specialist agency could deliver in all of the channels we use communicate with engineering audiences. I’m sure his deep knowledge of B2B electronics marketing will be equally valuable to other businesses in this sector in the future."
Mike Bray
VP of Design Spark, RS Components
"Bob Jones consistently provides strong counsel and advice based on facts and a wealth of experience that backs up his judgements. If you are looking for someone who understands how technical PR, communications and marketing should operate, Bob will be at the top of a very short list."
Emilia Clarke
Lisa Rees
Marketing Communications Director, Avnet-Abacus
"Bob has a deep knowledge of the electronics industry. His understanding of the challenges faced by Avnet Abacus’ customer base was fundamental in kick-starting a content strategy that has delivered exceptional results."
Emilia Clarke
Glenn Palmer
President EMEA, Murata Electronics
"I have had the great pleasure of working with Bob for more than 20 years. He is a fantastic guy, very likeable, and extremely professional in his desire to execute the highest level of marketing communications and PR campaigns. He has been an invaluable supporter of our business, keeping a very close eye on the daily activities to ensure we reached our corporate strategies and targets using his enormous experience and understanding of the electronics market. He is rightly regarded as the leading marketing professional in the industry, and it has been a privilege to work with him and learn from him."
Peter Claydon
President, PicoCom
"I first met Bob a few weeks after we closed our A-round funding at Picochip. He impressed me from the start by showing a clear understanding of our business needs at a time when almost all other agencies didn’t have a clue. It was over a year later before we engaged and he then worked with us for over eight years of change, always adapting and providing the services we needed at the time."
Patrick Le Févre
Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Powerbox Group
"I had the pleasure of working with Bob and his colleagues for nearly two decades. Throughout that time, his combination of technical understanding and marketing creativity added tremendously to building our brand. He managed our campaigns throughout Europe and North America and we were able to adapt his work for Asian markets too. His content development is of a consistently high standard and his media network unrivalled. Most importantly, he has always managed to stay ahead of the game in the changing world of B2B technical marketing and he takes his clients along with him."
Huw Davies
CEO and Founder, Trameto
"I recommend that any tech start-up in our sector speaks to Bob before reaching out to its audience or launching a website. His knowledge and experience helped us to define our brand and technical proposition clearly and succinctly. That work underpins our discussions with partners and customers, and gives us a consistent platform for all future marketing communications."
Natacha Seitz
Senior Manager PR and Content Marketing, u-blox
"I met Bob back in 2015 when I started at u-blox. His long experience with the electronics media and high-quality B2B content creation, as well as his enthusiasm and availability were of great value and instrumental to the growth of PR at u-blox."
Scott Lewis
Executive Marketing Strategist, UnitedSiC
"Bob is the most knowledgeable marketing person I’ve ever met….full stop. He’s developed a strategic concept that integrates and synchronizes all marketing channels and his content-led approach has helped major companies communicate their value propositions much more effectively. He can also customize his concept for your product/market, and deliver hands-on programs that marketing groups can use to execute their own go-to-market strategies."